How To Be Beach Ready

When bikini season is around the corner, many women start panicking because they don’t feel like they’re ready for the beach just yet. With only a few weeks before you have to go strut your stuff, how do you gain the confidence and look good?

The good news is that there are many things you can do at the last minute to ensure that you look good when you’re on the beach. Some things are even better when left to the last minute.

For example, a bikini wax in Andover. If you do this too long before putting on your swimsuit, regrowth will already be there to ruin your look. This goes for waxing all over your body as well.

One of the first things to do when you’re panicking about not looking good on the beach is to change your habits. Even if you don’t have exercise, drinking more water each day before you hit the beach will help your skin to become glowing and ready to tan.

Many women make the mistake of doing too much with their hair before a vacation. Something like a dye job or a Brazilian blow dry definitely isn’t recommended if you’re heading to the beach. Ever wonder why the shampoo and conditioner you have to use says it’s ‘sulfate free’? It’s because sulfates and all kinds of salts ruin the treatment.

bikini wax in Andover

One dip in the ocean and your treatment will have been for naught. You can protect your natural hair from the water by wetting it in the shower, putting a leave in conditioning treatment all over, and then braiding it back. Not only will this prevent any wind from blowing hair in your face, but your wet and conditioned hair won’t absorb anything damaging from the ocean or from pool water.