How To Get Rid Of Frizz

Who wants to get up every morning with hair perfectly coiffed, shiny and smooth? Definitely all! We can achieve this by relaxing your hair. One way that women have chosen to relax their hair is with straight request relaxer, with keratin straightening being one of the most popular options.

This treatment is done by applying a protein called keratin, which is sealed in the hair with a special iron giving the hair a new shape. The benefits of keratin are many in which is the reduction of frizz by 70%, it also brings a lot of shine and life to the hair giving it an almost perfect appearance.

Keratin gives your hair a complete restructuring making it look healthy. The annoying frizz that torments us every day can be eradicated completely with the straightening of keratin.

This treatment gives your hair a long-lasting smoothing result of 3 and up to 5 months if we take good care of it. Do not wash your hair for 3 days after the application of the treatment.

Remember that keratin is a very beneficial protein for your hair and therefore if your hair is too damaged you can opt for a reparative keratin treatment, which does not use heat to seal and specializes only in rebuilding and repairing your hair. Your hair will maintain its shape but with a healthier and less frizzy appearance.

It’s worth noting that any sort of relaxing treatment isn’t a complete solution. You have to take care of your hair by using products without harmful chemicals and avoiding heat styling, but if you use all these things in moderation your hair will how a great improvement.

What you eat and drink also has an impact on how healthy your hair is, so be sure to improve all aspects of your life.